I am Meiasha Gray, an artist based in New York and born in Detroit Michigan. My practice focuses largely on a multitude of material use. Through this use I explore ritualistic activity and domestication of space and objects through modes of ancestral systems of spirituality. Historical context is what drives my approach to understanding how =matrial use can be relevant to my identity. Through using them I am discovering the importance of ancestry and the rituals, historically practiced acknowledgment, and applying those spiritual systems to my handling of material,  creating performances and artifacts. Using photographs of familial and individual communion, within black domestic space to know which objects to bring into question and which to inform my relationships with. These artifacts and structures are imbued with magic and are created to attempt contact. Attempts made in moments of desperation, grief, reverence, and vengeance, and joy. Exploring the mysticism and power surrounding the notion of "Having faith," and the visceral and immediate response to circumstance.